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There is always something going on at SFVA. There is never a dull moment. Oh, we have academics that we are very proud of, but we are also very proud of the social activities that brings the students, faculty and staff closer together to be the family that we know our school is.

Associated Student Body

SFVA has a very active Associated Student Body (ASB). The ASB plans activities on and off campus for the entire high school.  

Off-campus banquets

Weekly chapels and assemblies

Semester vespers

Festival fun

Spirit Week

Waffle breakfasts

Monthly birthday celebrations

And the list goes on

Ethan, Ricardo, Matteo, Me, Charmaine, Zea.JPG
Charmaine, Zea, Ethan, Ricardo, Matteo.JPG
Jasmine, Justin, Antonia, Ricardo, Julia, Jharina.JPG
Leoni Meadows.jpg

Field Trips

There is nothing better than learning off campus. But don't tell the students that we're learning. They think it is just fun. There is nothing better than teaching literature through watching a play or teaching history by going to a fort or a museum, How about teaching anatomy by going to a university hospital? Or biology by visiting a farm? These are just some of the fun things that are done yearly at SFVA

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