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Imagine learning anatomy, physiology, biology and health from a medical doctor. Or imagine taking music from a recording professional. Or taking English from a published author and film actor. Or studying history from a published historian. These are not imaginations at SFVA. This is who our students learn from daily. And the standardized testing is there to prove the excellent education that they are getting.


Our credentialed teachers have a combined teaching history of over 200 years. In other words, our teachers know what they are doing and, more importantly, love what they are doing--educating students for the future.

College prep diplomas are given to those students who complete the necessary requirements and most of the students do. Honors courses are taught in English and history. Graduates of SFVA can compete with any graduate of any school out there and we are very proud of that. Know that when students attend SFVA, they are getting a very well-rounded, competitive college prep education.

Social Studies

Social studies, geography, world history and U.S. history are broad categories. Students leave each class knowing more about their world, their country and the people that make them up.



Along with the science classes that each student takes each year, the STEM program advances students' science knowledge even further so that they are ready for the college prep science classes of high school.



Math is an important subject, especially if students go into the medical or engineering arts. SFVA has many students who are headed into the medical and engineering fields and math and science prepare them for these fields


Literature Arts

Writing. That is the emphasis in literature arts. College will eat a student up if they have not learned how to properly write, cite and format papers. That is SFVA's emphasis throughout the grades. But don't worry, the great writers of this country and the world are studied because by learning the styles of the greats, then a student can also become great.


Visual arts are a daily part of each student's activities. It is important to facilitate and encourage the creative mind.


Every student also has the opportunity to be in a band or a choir. The elementary trains students in a beginning band and choir and by the time a student gets into high school they are a skilled musician.

There is also an opportunity to be on the school yearbook. This not only gives a student art credit, but it gives them real-life experience in being involved with a business. Yearbook is both a business, a club and class on campus. A lot of learning is done in both music and yearbook.


Physical Education

Nothing is more important than teaching people how to stay healthy and PE is a place where that is taught. Whether it is through individual exercise or through organized sports, they will be found at SFVA. Volleyball, soccer, flag football, basketball, golf, softball and floor hockey are a just a few of the fun sports played.



 Our educators are highly interactive and engaging. 

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